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BlogrCart Mukabuku

This pre-made responsive Blogger template version is being replaced with BlogrCart Mukabuku Elite - more Facebook brand assets, more built-in functions & more features. 

Pre-made Shopping Cart Blogger Template BlogrCart Mukabuku Elite [Full Featured]
Loads of Facebook brand assets, developer plug-in (share, like, recommendations) pre-installed with the full theme download. Large product image display, touch/swipe enabled homepage auto update image slider, show/hide product info tabs, just like in e-commerce powered stores! DISCOUNT CODE add-on included in PRO version. Check out the functions at theme live preview site.


BlogrCart White2

BlogrCart White2 Store Shopping Cart Blogger Templates is is an e-commerce inspired Blogger (formerly Blogspot) theme/template.a NO CODE EDIT - setup your Blogger powered e-store in minutes guarenteed. Shopping cart ready, optional Paypal & send order email checkout, start your 1st on-line web store or blogshop in no time.



BlogrCart MNMLIS

BlogrCart MNMLIS FREEMIUM Store Blogger Templates is is an e-commerce inspired Blogger (formerly Blogspot) theme/template. Create a Blogger store & publish an article with 1 Blog (PROtheme)! Responsive Bootstrap 3 framework mobile first design technology. With Instagram feed ready, showcase your social promotions right on your website (or blog).




BlogrCart Butik Ecommerce Blogger Templates is (short for Blogger template with shopping cart) Blogger & e-commerce featured Blogspot template, BlogrCart Butik freemium, a responsive, lightweight, shopping cart integrated pre-made Blogger template is released to quick start your on-line business right from your Blogger blog. This Blogger template is totally free to use & abuse for commercial or personal use, with permissions & license included in template source codes.
BlogrCart Butik Ecommerce Blogger Template

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Author: Irsah Imihar